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We're creating the new mental wellbeing essentials for today's hyper digital world.

We understand that distraction is the curse of modern life. In a world of information overload, it's so easy to spend a whole day feeling like you are busy without doing anything meaningful or productive. The only way to get focused, attain peak performance and cultivate mental wellbeing is to learn to manage your attention. 

The foundation of our wellbeing philosophy is what we call Attention Intelligence™ or AQ. While IQ is for standard intelligence, and EQ is for emotional intelligence, AQ is all about voluntary sustained attention.

When you take control of your attention, you’re in the driver’s seat. The world is your open road. Athlete? Check. Executive? Check. For the hustlers, parents, students, and anyone who wants to be the best versions of themselves. Today Well Spent is here for you. 

Note from the founder: JT Singh

Having spent a decade as a global traveler, tech entrepreneur, media artist and economic planner for Governments worldwide, I know first-hand what its like to live a crazy lifestyle completely out of balance. Over-worked, highly stressed, depleted and utterly distracted, my body and mind had had enough and I was forced to radically rethink how I conducted my life.

I set out on a journey to explore how I could lead a life of total human wellbeing and eventually discovered an entire new dimension of experience, my own mind, sensations and attention. I became a student of neuroscience, behavioural psychology, Ayurveda, bio-hacking, traditional Chinese medicine, and a variety of contemplative traditions in Asia. Overtime, I was transformed from the inside out.

As I continue my journey of evolving my inner game, several great people have tagged along, including my co-founder Mensa. Now together we are building the future of mental health where everything we make starts with you, the people. We create the products you tell us you wish existed for your inner-care routine. We believe in thoughtful design, scientific research, and accesability. But most of all, we believe that mental wellbeing is about having fun, wherever you are in your journey.

Welcome to Today Well Spent.

- JT Singh

Meet the team
JT Singh

Chief Attention Officer

Mensa Wang

Chief Wellness Officer

Ema Liu

Problem Solver in Chief