When AI & other tech are driving rapid changes, which skillsets are future-proof?

Urban mental well-being is the answer.

Whether you are an organization hoping to redefine an industry, or a startup aiming to change the world, Today Well Spent's one of kind masterclass is designed to unleash your inner peak-state and get what you want out of life in our AI-filled future. 

Are you ready?


By utilizing behavioral change sciences, we bring you the tools and techniques that address the root causes of modern mental weaknesses like attention fatigue, anxiety, stress and burnout to dramatically upgrade our minds just like how we update our technologies. With our unique approach, we deliver live solutions to up-level mental and emotional performance across the entire organization.

Minimal Viable Shifts

With Today Well Spent's unique 'Minimal Viable Shifts' (MVS) approach, we empower employees and leadership to take immediate actions and embed mental fitness practices within the company culture. 


All over the world, ambitious people and companies believe that burnouts, extreme stress, constant screen time and mental health challenges are simply the tradeoffs we must pay for success. ​Not at all. In fact, the latest research shows that our productivity, creativity and capacity for smarter decision-making are dramatically improved when we prioritize our well-being, especially our often ignored: mental well-being.

Who should attend?

Executives, employees, and managers who want to overcome cognitive overload, save time, reduce stress, stay deeply present, and be much more effective to own the day.

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