Off-Mode Bed Wireless Phone Charger
Off-Mode Bed Wireless Phone Charger
Off-Mode Bed Wireless Phone Charger
Off-Mode Bed Wireless Phone Charger
Off-Mode Bed Wireless Phone Charger
Off-Mode Bed Wireless Phone Charger
Off-Mode Bed Wireless Phone Charger
Off-Mode Bed Wireless Phone Charger

Off-Mode Bed Wireless Phone Charger

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The world's first wireless charging phone bed.

The Off-Mode Bed ™ is designed to help you develop a healthier relationship with your devices. By putting your phone to its own bed, you avoid digital distractions and screen light, which are proven to negatively impact sleep. So finally, you can rest—and both you & your device will wake up fully recharged.

Charges all Qi-compatible devices: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and newer iPhones; Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, S8, S8+, Note9, Note8 and newer Android phones (See full list)

Case friendly: charges through most phone cases (up to 6mm / 0.23”)

Output: 5W, designed for overnight charging, works with all standard USB adaptors (5V/1A or above)

Charging space dimensions: 174 x 100mm / 6.85“ x 3.9”

Warranty: 6 months (extendable to 1 year upon registration)

Also Includes: 1 meter / 3.3 feet USB charging cable


5W wireless charging pad designed for overnight charging. Compatible with all Qi enabled smartphones. Check this list to see if your phone is compatible.


Prompt cards for morning & night—so instead of going on your phone, you can start the day with focus and close the day with the mood for good sleep.


Removable microfiber blanket to cover and clean your phone screen while tucking it in or waking it up.. Yes, when we say “digital hygiene”, we mean it literally ;)


90%  of people sleep with their smartphones. 80% check their phones before brushing their teeth. 

The pervasiveness of phone screens into our lives, our work, our brains, our bedrooms, our families—make it much harder to manage our attention and recharge ourselves.

Why do you need it?

The blue light from digital screens suppresses the production of melatonin in the brain, which in turn messes up the body’s natural biological clock—the circadian rhythm. As a result, sleep suffers. The information consumed before bed further overwhelms the brain, making it even harder to fall asleep.


A large number of studies have shown that high mobile phone use - especially late night use, directly correlates to decline in mental health, such as depressed moods and declines in self-esteem and coping ability. Similarly, using the phone first thing in the morning triggers stress and increased anxiety.


The information overload that hits the brain before we are fully awake can interfere with our ability to focus and prioritize tasks. So instead of clarity, using the phone first thing in the morning primes the brain for distractions for the rest of the day. On top of which, a poor night of sleep only makes matter worse.

💤 Put your phone to bed, so you can sleep.


I knew scrolling in bed is bad, but I kept doing it anyway—until the Off-Mode Bed. Thanks to this simple yet effective tool, I can finally do the right thing ;)

Dario R, E-Commerce Super hero

It may sound strange, but I kinda feel bad waking up my phone after having tugged it in bed. So I let it sleep.

Yuri T, Event Planner

Best sleep I’ve got in ages! Brilliant product as it charges my phone at the same time.

Steven L, Entrepreneur

Knowing my phone is quietly resting and charging in its own place is surprisingly very calming.

Meggy F, Fashion Merchandiser