and we are here to help you master it with a set of tools and practices.

we bridge the gap between
Wellness & Performance

The old tale of "hustle till you drop" no longer holds ground in today's world. Burnouts, extreme stress, and mental health challenges are NOT the tradeoffs we must pay for success. Instead, wellness–especially mental wellness, can be our secret weapon to attain sustainable peak performance.

we bridge the gap between
Knowing & Doing

Let's face it, there's no shortage of information on wellness and productivity hacks. Unfortunately, no amount of content consumed will get you where you'd like to be. You must get your hands dirty - no pun intended for all the pen users out there;)

we bridge the gap between
Science & Design

Our method is strongly rooted in Neuroscience and Behavioral Psychology principals. Thoughtfully designed for your daily practice. We designed our products to be every-day art, and by owning one, you are officially the co-creator of those pieces!

Daily well-being made simple.

Is it possible to get overwhelmed by wellness tips, apps, and talks? 

Sounds ironic but I sure did!

When I quit my job in Italy, burnt-out and languishing, I turned to Bali and the 4-Hour-Work Week book for help. I embarked on a tireless pursuit for joy and meaning; yet after countless personal growth blogs, productivity apps, podcasts, books, videos, classes, I became more lost and anxious than ever.

Why wasn’t my life and work flourishing like how it was promised?

The answer was simple. Consuming is not the same as executing. And that’s how Today Well Spent was born. 

Initially started out as notes exchange between me and my co-founder, a pen-to-paper tool was realized to make executing the most fundamental wellness & productivity practices fun and easy, AND to curb my digital addiction at the same time. 

Ever since, we've made various upgrades to the system with user feedbacks and further scientific research to make it even more powerful–and this effort is going! Along the way, I not only learnt a great deal myself, but also found what you may call “the true calling”. I always knew my life is meant for something more, the difference this time is that I have the knowledge and the tools to actualize it–with calm and clarity. With great certainty, I’m sure it will do the same for you ;)


Co-founder @todaywellspent