We know the digital culture we’ve grown up in is undermining our patience and ability to focus - especially our long term focus. This short-termism is obvious in our spending habits, how we work within organizations, and engage in our communities, which ultimately affects the economy as a whole. If we zoom out even further, we can begin to see that our attention and the economy are actually more closely linked than we may think.

Learn to take control of your attention and shape your world by cultivating three types of focus. By balancing inner, other, and outer attention, you can find a balance between productivity and happiness, and achieve a 360-degree life glow-up.

Noticing is the building block of attention. By intentionally choosing what you tune into, you flex your focusing muscle. You can tap into the power of noticing by tuning in to your surroundings. It helps to activate curiosity, build concentration, spark creativity, and inspire us to see the magic in the mundane.